Campus Safety

推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您大学 is committed to providing a safe and secure living and learning environment for our students, faculty, staff, 和校园社区. The Office of Campus Safety provides oversight of 校园警察与保安, 应急管理, 和校园操作.


Campus Police employ a community-oriented policing and problem-solving approach to law enforcement and crime prevention. Campus Police Officers are sworn law enforcement officers with the same law enforcement authority as North Carolina municipal and county police officers. Campus Police and/or Campus Security Officers are on-duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Emergencies – DIAL 911
非紧急 -致电828与当值人员联络.260.0505


To protect the college community from any potential emergency situation, the college’s 紧急程序手册 establishes policy and procedure for campus-wide communication, 服务协调, and safety protocols in the event of emergencies and dangerous situations such as an active shooter, fire, 恶劣天气情况, 长期断电或停水, 有害物质事件, or any other situation that could pose a threat to lives or property.


校园运营包括校园邮局, 访客登记, 停车信息, 以及钥匙和身份证更换信息.

李-麦克雷继续监测COVID-19的传播, 由一种新型冠状病毒引起的呼吸道疾病. The college is working with local health officials and the 北卡罗莱纳州卫生与公众服务部 (NCDHHS),除了寻求指导 疾病控制和预防中心 (CDC).



Although 推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您大学 is among the safest places you can be, our campus is not immune to crime. Incidents can be reduced if all members of the campus community practice everyday precautions. Your safety depends mostly upon your own attitude and actions. Use common sense and do not place yourself in a location or situation to become a victim of crime.

This app 可以谨慎地联系校警或保安吗, 用一个按钮拨打紧急电话, 安全监控你在校园里的旅行, 帮你找到你需要的校园资源.

完整的安全 Training
培训模块可以通过 Vector LMS 以提高抵抗和预防犯罪的技能.


    随时锁好房间的门: 用钥匙锁门, 无论你居住, is an effective way to reduce theft and enhance personal safety. The vast majority of thefts occur from unlocked rooms when the occupant is gone only briefly.

    • Do not prop open exterior doors, and close any doors you find propped open. Propped doors are a high risk and greatly increase chances of your victimization.
    • 不要给不认识的人开门.
    • 不要把你的钥匙或门卡借给任何人.
    • Your action could result in both you and/or an innocent victim being referred to the campus judicial system. Report a lost or stolen key to Resident Life staff immediately.

    使用伙伴系统: Avoid walking alone at night, but if you must, stay on well-lit paths and sidewalks. 如果你一定要一个人走,用 狂欢守护程序 安全定时器功能.

    确保你的车辆: Remove valuables or secure all valuables in your trunk and use your vehicle's security alarm system.

    注意野生动物: Keep an eye out for wildlife and never approach bears or other wild animals.


    Timely reports increase the likelihood that critical evidence will be obtained, 财产将会被收回, 违法者会被成功起诉. This is especially important in cases involving sex offenses. A prompt report to the police will also ensure that you are made aware of all available victim support services.


    • 如果你发现任何可疑的活动
    • 报告紧急情况
    • 举报犯罪行为
    • 如果你是犯罪的受害者

    Report obscene, annoying, or harassing calls, messages, or emails immediately: Campus Police will investigate and work closely with service providers to apprehend offenders.

    报告维护问题: Locks, doors, 还有需要修理的窗户, 外部灯需要更换, 灌木需要修剪, or other unsafe conditions should be reported immediately to 校园设施.



    班纳麋鹿的冬天是一年中最美的季节, but it is also a time when winter storms and below-freezing temperatures pose a threat to personal safety.

    • 在冰雪环境中要穿合适的鞋子. Boots or well-insulated waterproof shoes with non-slip treads are ideal.
    • 时刻警惕情况. Do not text or talk on your phone while walking on snow or ice.
    • 在走楼梯时使用扶手以增加支撑. 避免有雪或冰堆积的楼梯.
    • 避免在冰柱下行走. As melting occurs, falling icicles are especially dangerous.
    • 使用指定的没有冰雪的走道. Take small steps to keep your balance and avoid slipping.
    • 避免在下雪或结冰的情况下驾驶. 如果旅行是必要的, make sure that your tires are in good shape and that all vehicle systems are in working order (lights, brakes, wipers, etc.).
    • Keep your gas tank as full as possible and your cell phone fully charged when traveling during inclement weather.
    • 准备一个冬天的安全装备,包括一个手电筒, blanket, 急救箱, 瓶水, and snacks.

    了解更多有关 恶劣天气的政策 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜关闭和延误. 



    盗窃是一种偶然犯罪. The best means of prevention is to reduce or remove the opportunity.

    • 当你离开你的宿舍,房间或办公室, 锁好所有的门和窗户,关掉灯.
    • 不要把你的钥匙或身份证借给别人.
    • When storing a purse or backpack in an office, put it in a file cabinet or drawer and lock it.
    • 不要留下背包, purses, 或者在公共场所无人看管的公文包, 尤其是在图书馆, labs, 或者餐厅.
    • Do not keep large sums of money, jewelry, or valuable items in your room. Record serial numbers and descriptions of your valuables.
    • Do not leave messages on your door indicating that you won’t be back for a period of time.
    • Do not leave your room unlocked while you are sleeping or when you leave your room, 即使只是“一分钟”.
    • Purchase renters insurance or ensure your homeowners insurance covers losses incurred on campus.
    • 禁止校园拉客. If a salesperson approaches you on campus, call Campus Police immediately.
    • 向校警报告可疑人员或活动. The officer on duty will verify whether these individuals should be on campus.


The annual 校园安全报告 is created to provide the campus community with information about the college’s policies, procedures, 努力维护校园安全. This report is published in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), 《推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您》, and the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act amendment to the Higher Education Opportunity Act.


Campus Safety works continually to ensure a safe and secure environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Although our campus is among the safest places you can be, 保持警惕和准备是很重要的.

Vector LMS安全培训资源



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